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We help you to make the competitive edge in your market/ field of application visible. Furthermore, we understand and can guide you in optimising your strategic position, improve your Pitch-deck impact, boost your competitive insights, maximise strategic collaborations, or support a better exit strategy, even for start-up in distress. 

Simply, participate in our HCM 2021 Benchmark and/ or contact us for an initial aspirational dialogue related our visionary HCM Start-up activities.

What does it take to become a Top 100 HCM Start-up?

  • Participate in the HCM 2021 Start-up Benchmark now
  • Benchmarking vs. Top 100’s, HCM start-ups, national or segment peers
  • Eligible are Start-ups (being initially registered in 2016 or later)
  • Eligible are also digital innovation projects of established players
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