HCM Benchmark

We hereby invite you and your company to to participate in the HealthcareMovers 2021 Benchmark activities.

Thank you for taking the time to complete the on-boarding section of our HCM Benchmark. It supports our efforts in “Setting the stage” in aligning your company profile with our survey efficiently.

We plan to present the consolidated international HealthcareMovers 2021 Benchmark results online in early December 2021.

If you would like to arrange a managerial discussion on 

·     New HCM 2021 strategic competitive insights
·     Comparative benchmark on your market focus, 
·     Your companies new HCM rank and Benchmark scores, or 
·     Strategic reposition of project(s)
please feel free to contact us under info @ conceplus.com.
Your ConCeplus team

We warrant to keep all submitted information strictly confidential and to not disclose it to any third party. All data entrusted to us by you are stored at ConCeplus' servers only for the purpose of the HCM Benchmark – consequently, we will delete your incoming data set related to the on-boarding section in the online survey tool, once our download has occurred. 

Additionally, all answers are grouped into logical, anonymous data sets; hence, no direct reference to you and/or your company data will be possible. We will not share any part of the original data sets with third parties during or after the research period. 

In the On-boarding questionnaire, you will find two addtional data privacy options:  

Option I: To indicate your desire to participate in HCM longi-term benchmark studies

Option II: To indicate your desire to opt-out of being represented in a) HCM ranking tables as well as b) graphics assembling the winning companies’ logos.